Why you shouldn’t join the certification:

Why you SHOULDN’T join the Advanced Somatics Certification…

      1. You have to dive DEEP into your own healing

        10 personal somatic sessions are REQUIRED as part of the certification and you’re going to be invited to dive deeply into your own healing. This is not a powerpoint where you take notes and then apply it to your clients, it’s a deep immersive process where you experience these somatic tools in your own cells so that you deeply understand how to use them with clients.

        So if you were hoping to just take notes and learn this stuff cognitively, this certification is not for you.

      2. It’s Spiritual AF

        If you’re freaked out by spirituality, you definitely shouldn’t join!!

        Somatic work is about connecting your clients to their intuition and to their Higher Selves so they can make aligned decisions for their lives. So if you’re not into intuition, this is not for you!

      3. It’s Feminist AF

        All of these tools are run through an intersectional feminist lens and sometimes the work with a client is not to change them but to acknowledge the challenges they’ve faced that have brought them to where they are.

        So if that feels “too political” or “irrelevant” to you, don’t join!

      4. It’s Anti-Productivity Addiction

        We live in a culture that’s OBSESSED with fast cash and pushing towards “success” and achievement at all costs.

        These somatic tools are focussed on healing not fast results. They sometimes do result in very quick magical results and I have had clients fall in love out of nowhere with their ideal partner. And I’ve also had clients work for years on developing a healthier love relationship and it still be in progress.

        If you’re looking for fast results only, this certification is not for you.

      5. It’s Expensive!

        I wanted this to be a high touch experience where you get 10 personal somatic sessions included and it to be a small group (capped at 15) so you get lots of one on one support so that you have a life changing experience from this certification and your clients get the life changing impacts from it.

        So it’s priced at $4000 CDN (~$2960 USD) or the scholarship rate is $3000 CDN (~$2250 USD) to support this deep!

        So if you’re not ready for a significant and deep investment into your business, it’s not the right time for this certification!

But if you’ve read through all this, you’re feeling drawn, then it is for you!!

Applications close this Sunday and the first LIVE call is this Monday at 8 pm :)!

Apply HERE.

Scholarship info HERE!



PS If you need more info on the certification to help make your decision, you can find it HERE.

PSS If you’re on the fence after reading this, get a free taste by taking part in one of the FREE Somatics Workshops…

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