Patriarchy Made You Second Guess

I recently had a friend say, “Do I need to be certified for this?”

A friend who already has many certificates, multiple degrees and is qualified in many ways.

And I realized this:

Most institutions that certify, colleges, universities etc are still run primarily by cis white men. 

So basically when you say, “Am I qualified? Do I need a certificate?” you’re really asking, “Did a cis white men give me the stamp of approval?”

Kathrine Zenkina, Manifestation Babe, said on her podcast, “I’ll never teach you anything that I haven’t tried for myself and had success with.

This is the feminist qualification:

I have tried it in my own body, in my own cells and it worked for me so I’d love to share it with you.

And it doesn’t mean you never take a course or get a certificate but I’d rather work with a therapist who’s processed her own shame than one who’s taken a 1000 courses on shame but never looked at their own…


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Author: Bryn Bamber

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