4 Things I Learned from my Failed Launch :)

I recently launched an in-person group and it failed!

Here’s what I learned:

      1. Timing Matters

        I gave myself 10 days to launch and because it was a 5-week group, I needed more time to get people to put this in their calendars to be able to come.

      2. Day of the week MATTERS

        I’ve been running all my workshops on Saturdays, so when the group was on Weds, a lot of the folks that love the Saturday workshops couldn’t make it

      3. Title Confusing

        The Healing Cocoon is a sweet cozy title but it doesn’t give folks a sense of what they’d actually get out of the experience.

      4. A failed launch, is not a failed business

        This doesn’t mean my whole business will fail. When I tune in, I can still feel the energy of the group cocoon, this tunnel in the dark the group would’ve created.

        I decided not to postpone because Pablo and I have more workshops coming up soon.

        But I know in my heart the group would’ve been powerful and this setback doesn’t mean no one will sign up next time.

Every single entrepreneur fails.

Even Rhianna, after successfully launching Fenty makeup and lingerie, was going to do a collab with Louis Vuitton (LVMH). And after two years, it failed.

This is how you learn, grow and get better.

I’m proud because I didn’t beat myself up too much.

It’s more like whoopsie daisy than a “What’s wrong with you!? You’ll never be good at selling!!”

And the kinder you are to yourself when you fail, the closer you’ll be to trying again and succeeding.

Love and solidarity ;),


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Author: Bryn Bamber

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