It’s the end of the day
And I’m tired
And I don’t want to write about fire

The fire that is in our hearts
The fire that destroys the forest
in one fell swoop

Standing in the desert alone
The fire consumes a five story sculpture
That took all year to make
Burns it to dust

All art must be destroyed
And the fire in our heart must be kindled
Built up until it’s raging

Putting your blood sweat and tears into your real work
Nothing more,
Nothing less.

Build a fire.

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Burn Pile

Bhajans and burning grudges,
Sacred dance
In the woods
In the dark.

As the crowd fell away the music took off.
Using harmony and sounds.

Stripping the songs bare and then building them back up.
Taking each song to its edges but keeping the essence.
And somehow at the same time finding the essence.

The fire dances,
The trees stand tall,
The last song fades into the night,
And there is stillness.