Navigating Overwhelm


I was starting to think something was seriously wrong. I was tired. So tired, that some days at work I would go home early and straight to bed at 4 pm.

I started trying different solutions – I stopped drinking coffee, started drinking green smoothies every day, and I was planning to get my thyroid levels tested.

But nothing worked.

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Focusing on kindness


Sometimes I cut people off.  And I’m not proud of it.

As I rush to get off the subway I then notice the man with a cane that I’ve just cut in front of…

The last time I crashed a car, I was rushing too. On my way to yoga, ironically… But I was late and didn’t want to miss the class. The road was icy. I knew the road was icy, but thought somehow I was a super human driver.

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How to keep going when you’re scared


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Do something that scares you. Live a little. Start before you’re ready. You’ll never be ready.

I was delighted to find this note in the drawer of the table I was working at today.

I recently had someone ask me a terrifying question. He asked, if you could do anything what would you do?

And the part that was scary wasn’t that it was the first time anyone had ever asked me that.

It was that he was serious.

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How To Say No To Dreaded Dinners

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 3.27.40 PM.png
Have you ever had someone you don’t know that well, maybe someone at work or a friend of a friend, say why don’t we grab lunch sometime, or dinner?  You get a sinking feeling in your stomach, but you say, ‘Sure! Sounds good…’

And then hope they never follow up with a date and time.

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