I’m here


I’m here. Up in the great white north, where you can walk on the ocean, because the ocean is frozen.

In April.

It doesn’t quite feel like the ocean because it’s covered in ice but it does feel wild and majestic and calm.

I like the calmness of the town and of the ocean.

On my flight over here, I finally started to feel excited and grateful about my trip. I wish I could say I’ve been grateful all along but I’ve in the weeks leading up to the trip I moved back and forth between excitement and terror about a place I’ve never been before.

I went for a walk yesterday – around town and then out on a spit that runs into the bay.

The welcome sign to Iqaluit.

IMG_0915A mural, out near the airport.

A bird flies out to the bay.


I lay in the snow and looked at the ocean. I felt the calmness of the land seep into my body.

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Take care of yourself!!

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