What to do when you’re stuck


In my last blog post about my big trip up North, I wrote about the fear I was having about the trip.

I was stuck in this place of fear. Everyone was telling me about how lucky I was and how excited I should be and I didn’t feel any of that. Instead I felt scared.

I knew I needed to shake things up, work out was happening. I wanted to feel excited and grateful for this amazing opportunity.

I tried writing in my journal about it, talking to friends but still felt stuck. I knew I needed something bigger.

Here some things you can so if you have that stuck feeling:

  1. Make Some Kind of Art

    Take that stuck feeling or that fear and express it any way you can. It could be a poem, a drawing, a painting, a dance or a piece of writing. Be as absolutely honest as possible.In this situation, I wrote a blog post about my fear. A blog post is different than writing in my journal because I know others are going to read so it so I try to be clear as possible. I got out all my fears onto the page and tried to figure out as best as I could what was happening.
  2. Share your art

    Find some way to share it. And no – you don’t have to start a blog. You can post a little poem or picture or note to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or you can email you art out to trusted friends.

    In my case, I published the blog post and posted it on Facebook. Friends read and commented. I chatted about it more with friends. I thought about it more.

    And it wasn’t immediate, but through digging and searching and expressing something stuck was jostled loose. I’m still a little bit apprehensive but I’m free of the stuck feeling.

    The importance of sharing your art is about moving out of secrecy. We all get stuck but no one really wants to talk about it. I don’t like to admit that we have a situation that I don’t know the solution to.  You probably don’t either.  And yet, if your human this has happened to you.

    In her research on shame, Brene Brown has learned that the antidote to shame is empathy. What you need most in the moments when you feel stuck is to have someone else say, “I’ve been there. It sucks. You’ll get through it.”

    The problem for me when I was initially talking to friends about my fear is that I wasn’t being completely honest. I was glossing it over, making it into not that big a deal. My friends couldn’t properly empathize with me because I wasn’t telling the whole truth of how scared I was.

    After I got it all out in the open on the post, the conversations I had were more real because I’d already spilled my guts fully.

    And yes it is scary. Every time you press post or send to share something real it will be scary. But it wouldn’t work if it wasn’t.

    I’ve done this before with challenges I’ve had at work, navigating a break up, with pain and with shame. Every time it’s scary.  And every time it works.

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Take care of yourself!!

Bryn Bamber
Career Burnout Coach
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