Overcoming Worthlessness


I have struggled with worthlessness for as long as I can remember. As a little girl I believed I only had worth if I got good marks, was packed and ready to go on time, if I did the dishes and looked pretty. I used every external marker to give myself worth. If I got a B or was late, I felt terrible. My breath would get fast, my chest would get tight and I would beat myself up.

And now, as an adult, I still fall into these patterns. I rush to the meeting, obsess over my work and beat myself up if I notice a stain on my clothes or if I forget a small detail.

And the thing about worthlessness, is I often don’t realize how it’s influencing my decisions and controlling my life.

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What to do when you’re stuck


In my last blog post about my big trip up North, I wrote about the fear I was having about the trip.

I was stuck in this place of fear. Everyone was telling me about how lucky I was and how excited I should be and I didn’t feel any of that. Instead I felt scared.

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being a creature of this earth



feel your body
back against the chair
feet on the floor

courses through my veins

overcomes my body


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