Can you fall in love with someone in the comments section on Youtube?

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I was reading the comments on one of Sufjan Stevens’ newly released songs.   Someone (dragonman) said something insightful about the meaning of the song and someone else replied ‘Dragonman, I think I’m in love with you.’

And I thought – wow – can you fall in love in the comments section? But then again, as a newly converted online dater, the comments section suddenly doesn’t seem too far off.

We live in a digital era, where every aspect of life has a digital platform.  From personal (FB), to work (LinkedIn), to political (twitter) to dating (OKC) I am online.  Each with it’s carefully tailored profile – the perfect picture, tone, diction for the specific platform.  And as I start to date strangers, I suddenly realize that giving out my cell phone number is far less personal than giving out my last name.

And so it’s scary and there’s a vulnerability in painting my thoughts, opinions and photos online. But there’s also the freedom that comes with being vulnerable.  This is me, these are my thoughts.  Take what you will.

And so I give out my last name and cell phone number and say take what you will.

This is me.

Try, try again?

Photo credit: Anna Carr
(Photo credit: Anna Carr)

try bike
doesn’t fit
try bike
doesn’t fit
try bike

try bike
and i ride away free

but the screws aren’t fitting either
they haven’t fit for years
and I wonder why I try at all
why I continue to go to the hardware store
continue to have hope
that some day, I’ll find them

I ask a question
the world opens up

I ask a question
the iron gate comes down
closing all possibilities
of further conversation

“but can we talk??”
“I don’t think I can talk about it right now,
actually – I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to talk about it.”

try bike
doesn’t fit
try bike
doesn’t fit
try bike
and I ride away free.


Is home a hole I can crawl into when I am scared?
Or a more luminous way of living?

homemade cookies
chicken and mashed potatoes
hot baths and hugs
old friends with warm hearts

the place I go after
the adventure

I want to go home where places and people and things are familiar
but where my life is still alive

adventure bursts into the stillness of the moment
sitting writing with the summer cactus at the kitchen table

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Is it my fate to be sititng in bed at 10:39 pm
trying to push out one-more-poem?

they can’t be pushed
you know
only loving called from the caves that they hide in
the crevices within your heart

coaxed, called, soothed, spoiled,
delighted into the light

and is it my fate to be 27 years old
alone on an adventure towards meaningful living
trying to keep my cool
and live freely
trying to live the life of a poem freed from its crevasse?

And what if my life was a poem
and I didn’t know what was coming around the corner until I got there

what if listening, not planning was my work?
and opening not limiting was my life?
and loving not living was my home?


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