I stand in the mountain
strong and still
quiet and alive
hollow but not broken

I feel my heart beat
blood coursing through my veins
and I am full of blood
from the tips of my toes
to the tops of my shoulders
to the tippy top of my head

the blood rushes
my breath moves
in and out
up and down

my rib cage rocked
by the waves of breath

and this is asana
moments with my body
where times stops
and I become whole again.

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There is a stillness that underpins all the little daily miracles,
and underpins all art.

It underpins all love,
all beauty,
all relaxation.

All hope,
and kindness.

All understanding,
and peace.

It is hidden on the moon and deep within your heart.

And it can be hard to find,
But it is always there,
Right below the surface.

Waiting to be drawn out,
By the ear within the ear,
The eye beneath the eye.

and you can tap in.

feel the stillness,
draw it out.