There is a stillness that underpins all the little daily miracles,
and underpins all art.

It underpins all love,
all beauty,
all relaxation.

All hope,
and kindness.

All understanding,
and peace.

It is hidden on the moon and deep within your heart.

And it can be hard to find,
But it is always there,
Right below the surface.

Waiting to be drawn out,
By the ear within the ear,
The eye beneath the eye.

and you can tap in.

feel the stillness,
draw it out.

The Dancer

The warrior of my heart is a dancer.
As she dances she weaves the invisible threads that create all that is.

She weaves the warmth into a mother’s voice as she welcomes her child into her arms,
She weaves pale blues and pinks into the sky as the sun sets behind the mountains,
And on a summer’s evening, it is she who weaves the freshness into the breeze.

She weaves compassion into our hearts when a friend is in need,
The harmonies into our voices as we sing together with love,
And as I sit alone beside the lake, she silently weaves the peace into the stillness.

It is she who weaves the healing into laughter,
The joy into love,
And the softness into my heart.

She is the weaver of the stars at night and the light at the break of day.

And she is always there,
Ever dancing,
As she weaves the miracles into each moment,
That are just waiting to be seen.