to writing
the pen touches the paper
and I can’t stop.

I forget all responsibility
I forget to breathe,
getting it down.

love letters to my soul
quietly scribbled
in the night

and I’m not afraid of God now
because I know there is truth in my heart
and that the sun rises and falls to show us our shadows
and the tide is to sweep away our sorrows
pulling them from us violently
or softly

I live
in the hidden place
on the moon.

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like a mouse trap
I snap closed

getting my fingernails underneath
is impossible
I try
I pry
my heart back open

only for it to snap closed again

and sometimes
I get glimpses
of openness

of connection

I drink dew drops
of peace
before the door closes
on my singing heart

so I sit
singing to the closed door
and gently
it opens.

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of hearts broken
too young

but they are alive
and I laugh
at their jokes

I am scared
by the suicide attempts
some darkness
I do not have

but I know where the darkness is now
in me
so I can see it
in you

I can see your heart
can you see mine?

feel it.

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I go to the pond to sit
but they’re gone
taken away

the pond feels like a ghost town
where did they go?

my heart is broken
what now?
I keep walking
and sit at the edge of a cliff
over looking the lake

there is stillness here
and I know
that my heart
will heal.


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There is a stillness that underpins all the little daily miracles,
and underpins all art.

It underpins all love,
all beauty,
all relaxation.

All hope,
and kindness.

All understanding,
and peace.

It is hidden on the moon and deep within your heart.

And it can be hard to find,
But it is always there,
Right below the surface.

Waiting to be drawn out,
By the ear within the ear,
The eye beneath the eye.

and you can tap in.

feel the stillness,
draw it out.

Intuitive Warrior

The Intuitive Warrior,
Strong and Fierce.
Hears the call and prepares for battle,
She knows that this is a war that must be fought,
That her work will not be in vain.

Her hips are wide,
Shoulders broad.
She oils her leather armour with love,
Singing softly to herself.

When you look her in the eyes you see,
The intensity of her fierce heart,
The fire of her passion,
And the depth of her love.

Her children know that she is fierce,
And that she loves them fiercely.
But their fear is little,
Compared to the fear of her opponent.

Fighting her on the ground is like,
Fighting a tornado.
As she leaps and spins,
A whirling mass of kicking legs and sharp elbows.

She will only stab you once,
And it will be in the heart.
She wields her dagger with precision and grace,
And there is no more suffering than is necessary.
For she knows her work is sacred,
Not to be done carelessly but with honour for the opponent and the task.

I am this warrior of the heart,
The most fierce variety because I know that my convictions are true and that justice must be served.

There is no stopping courage that comes from the heart.

There is no hesitation when intentions are true.