How is Shame Sabotaging Your Career


Samantha has one too many drinks the night before and ends up sleeping in and ends up being late for an important meeting. When she realizes her face gets hot and her breath gets shallow. “Shit!” she thinks, “How could I have been so stupid? What have I done??”

This is shame, according to Brene Brown, research professor and public speaker on the topic.

The Bad News…

Shame is when you tell yourself, “I am a mistake.” And the bad news is Brene says that, “Shame is highly, highly correlated with addiction, depression, violence, aggression, bullying, suicide, eating disorders.”

So in Samantha’s case after beating herself up about missing the meeting she probably goes home and has a couple more drinks to take the edge off and it isn’t long before she misses another important meeting…

The Good News

The good news is that by making a small change, Samantha can change her reaction from shame to guilt, which is a much healthier emotion.

While shame is when you say, “I am a mistake,” guilt is when you say, “I made a mistake.”

And according to Brene guilt is inversely correlated with addiction, depression, violence, aggression, bullying, suicide, eating disorders. 

And the problem is if you have shame, it’s negatively affecting your career but it’s also a simple refraining of your mistakes to get you to a better place.

And this is part of why I created Burnout to Brilliance: Career Coaching in the Forest, is to teach you the simple steps that will allow your career to blossom. To take you from a place where you’re stuck and broke to a place where you feel energized and respected at work and easily pay the bills.

And Best for Last, The Extra Good News!

I have a special gift just for you.


  • feel like at the end of the day you have nothing left to give
  • feel more sensitive than usual to the little things that come up
  • feel like you’ve taken on too much and aren’t certain if it’s all really aligned with your purpose

This checklist will show you the steps to feel lighter, a sense of accomplishment and get an hour of your day back.


Take care of yourself,


Bryn Bamber
Career & Burnout Coach
The Courage Compass

Author: Bryn Bamber

Career Coach Bryn Bamber helps people like you find a career that’s aligned with your goals. Her Burnout to Brilliance program teaches you how to make small shifts that will free up tons of energy for the things you really love. Start today with your FREE Checklist: Decrease Stress and Get an Hour of Your Day Back! Get it here - Learn more about Bryn & the Burnout to Brilliance program at

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