Paid Off $200k Debt

Paid Off $200k Debt

Aja Dang’s wake up call was in 2017 when her beloved Cockapoo, Luke, needed emergency surgery and if her boyfriend hadn’t had the money, she would have lost her dog.

She was 30 years old and in $200K of crippling student loan debt. Up to that point, she hadn’t really believed that she could pay it off, didn’t know what to and basically was trying not to think about it.

Almost losing her beloved puppy made her finally decide enough is enough and to take her finances into her own hands.

She’d read debt expert, Dave Ramsey’s book before but hadn’t implemented any of his strategies. Now, determined to never be in this financial position again, she started to take the steps he suggested.

She listened to his podcast and heard stories of people who had even more debt than her and had paid it off. She started to believe it was possible and shared her journey with the world through her YouTube channel.

She was honest. Shared her screw-ups. Shared her wins. She learned how to reduce her expenses but still treat herself. She learned how to increase her income by building up her freelancing, her business, and her side hustles. And within 2 years she completely paid off $200K of student debt.

Now before you go google her and watch all of her videos, which I highly recommend you do and will link my favourites below :), I wanted to let you know  I’m running a Money Blocks webinar for Female-Identified Entrepreneurs this Tuesday that will help to feel less alone in your financial struggles and learn how to move to a place of financial stability and abundance.

If you are in debt, this workshop is 100% for you and will support you to take the steps you need to take to turn things around.

The in-person Money Blocks workshop was such a success, with 12 female-identified entrepreneurs coming together to share their challenges and work with how these blocks were impacting them physically that I wanted to do something for all of you who weren’t able to attend in person.

At the end of the workshop participants shared that they felt less alone, reconnected and hopeful.

So make sure you register here.

It’s free and they’ll be a replay available for a limited time afterwards.

All registered? Awesome :)!

Back to the amazing Aja! She’s not some expert behind a desk telling you what to do.  She cries about how hard it is sometimes. And shares her wins and how she did it. So GO WATCH HER!

Here are some of my fav videos:

She pays off $43K but in despair because there’s over $150K to go.

Legit side hustles she used.

First video sharing about her $200K student debt.

The video where she pays it all off!!!

She has a TON of videos, so if you feel inspired by her story you can learn a ton about her, her process and how she moved into debt freedom :).

If you have any questions about the Money Blocks Webinar hit “Reply” and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

And if you haven’t yet make sure you register for the FREE Money Blocks Webinar here.

You got this!



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