The Self Care Industrial Complex

Many women I know say things to me like:

      • I need a morning routine
      • I spend too much time on my phone
      • I should do more yoga
      • I should work on my sleep habits

Self care has become, for many, another item on THE TO DO LIST.  It’s become another thing to beat yourself up about.

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BONUS – Sacred Mental Health REBRAND

I’ve been bringing more of the sacred into everything I do, including how I show up for this community and so I wanted the title of my podcast to really deeply reflect that. In this episode I explain how I came up with the new title and this new direction.

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How to Heal Trauma

If you grew up in a household with some dysfunction, you might’ve learned to be independent before you were ready.

Maybe you learned that you couldn’t lean on the grownups who raised you, so you held yourself up. Or you learned to read the subtle change on the face of a parent so you could take care of their needs.

And now you’re wondering, why can’t I relax? Why is it so hard for me to trust?

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A few years ago I spent the winter in California. Some days, at my friend’s house, we’d leave the doors open and one day a little bird got in.

She was flying around distressed and then she flew into my friend’s bedroom as I went to put a doorstop in the door.

But when I went into my friend’s room, she wasn’t there. I looked and listened but nothing. Maybe she’d flown out of the door when I turned my back.

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Sacred Goal Group

I’m creating a community of weirdos, activists, creatives and spiritual types to work towards your sacred goals in a way that’s HEALING.

To build a world that’s more just and whole, you need to start with yourself. The more healed you become, the more energy you have to work towards your personal sacred goals and your dreams for a better world.

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The Magic of REST

When I was 21 I was just starting to learn about privilege. I took a seminar on the Indigenous People of Quebec where we had guest speakers who were activists and lawyers fighting for the rights of Indigenous people.

My friends were all taking similar courses, reading more and waking up to the state of the world.

I wanted to help.

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