Starting From Zero

Jane’s in $20K debt and thinks, “I’m a piece of shit. I’m bad at money. My family’s bad with money. I’ll never be good at it.”

Then she feels like crap and doesn’t even try changing the pattern because it feels futile and out of her control.

But what if she thought, “I’m glad I invested in that reiki course and I’m less happy that I invested in those clothes but I’m learning from it and I’m getting better at managing my money.”

She’s still in $20K debt but it’s much easier for her to move forward towards her sacred goal of financial stability.

Jordan thinks, “I’ve been beating myself up forever and I want to change but everyone in my family’s super critical and I haven’t been able to change this pattern.”

And then they feel stuck and continue to beat themselves up.

But Jordan could also think, “I’ve been beating myself up but I know that my brain is plastic so this is a pattern I can change. I also know that awareness is the first step, so I’m proud of bringing more awareness to this even if I haven’t changed the pattern yet.”

Jordan already feels better about themselves and it’ll be easier to change the pattern from this place.

So whatever your sacred goal is, I want you to ask:

In what ways do I have awareness about my sacred goal that I didn’t have before?

What have I already learned that’s going to help me get there?

And in what ways am I already good at it?

You don’t have to change the debt, the critical voice yet or your particular negative result yet.

Just by changing how you think about it, will put you miles ahead even before your practical situation changes an inch.

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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