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A few years ago, I applied to have my mental health professional profile put up on Psychology Today. I filled out the form and put in my credit card. And they said no.

Because Core Energetics isn’t as well recognized as other mental health modalities, they wouldn’t recognize me as a student. But they said that when I graduated, if I also had a bachelor’s degree in psychology or something related, then perhaps I could be recognized.

So a few weeks ago, I remembered that and applied again. Filled out the whole application, put in my credit card again, and they said no. But they said maybe I would be accepted with a bachelor’s degree.

So I sent in my bachelor’s degree transcript and…. they said YES!!

Lesson #1: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. But the even better lesson is what happened next…

As soon as I got in, my brain said: well this is a NORMAL platform, so I shouldn’t be spiritual here. I should be a vanilla normal mental health professional in my profile, instead of being myself. Instead of being the deeply spiritual person that I am.

And those are the brain’s tricks that kept me in the spiritual closet for so long. I’d peek out and jump out here and there, but then I’d be in some new context where it didn’t feel right to be genuine and authentic.

“I can’t be authentic here,” my brain would say, “This isn’t a good place to be genuine.”

And for some of you, there might be a real safety concern. For example, if you live in a part of the world where it’s not safe to be openly gay. And if that’s you, I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with that and I want you to protect your physical safety.

But for me, that wasn’t the case. It was safe for me to be spiritual, I just didn’t believe that it was.

But this time I caught it, I stayed out of the closet, I created a deeply spiritual and authentic profile even on this “normal professional website” and I DIDN’T DIE!

And you won’t die either.

Where in your life do you want to be more authentic? What does that look like? How can I help :)?

Keep taking the best possible care of yourself.

Talk soon,


P.S. I have a few spots open for one on one clients. If you think that could support you to reach your goals, hit reply and we’ll set up a time to talk.

P.S.S. Check out my deeply spiritual Psychology Today profile here.

Author: Bryn Bamber

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