Periods and Peri-Menopause

The M-F work week was created for cis men’s hormone cycles. 

Your menstrual cycle has seasons: winter (bleeding), spring, summer and fall. 

If you track your cycle, it can be like the weather forecast “it’s going to be rainy so better pack an umbrella!” An umbrella could be scheduling rest time after a social event.

Or even plan accordingly “it’s going to be a snow storm, so no big events during this time.”

As you head into perimenopause, the cycle initially gets SHORTER and then longer as you begin to “skip” periods.

Maisie Hill, menstrual cycle expert, shares personal stories and scientific research so that you get the map of your hormones that’ll explain so much and give you more ease. If you have a menstrual cycle YOU HAVE TO LISTEN to this episode of the Trauma Informed Witch podcast linked in my bio. here:



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