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I’m heartbroken and angry and scared about the Russia-Ukraine war. After donating money and praying for protection of the people in Ukraine, I want to honour the time I have in a country where there is peace.

If you were socialized as a woman, you probably spend a lot of time doing everything for everyone else. Or even just doing what your family WANTS you to do.

This is exhausting and creates resentment even if you hide it in the depths of your heart.

Buddhist nun, Pema Chodren says that war is created by hardening your heart. From the little we know about Putin’s childhood and the look you see in his eyes’ now, I’d speculate that’s true.

But Pema says, peace is created by softening what’s rigid in your heart. And while you have little control over Putin’s heart, you have 100% control over yours.

In a society where women are called selfish, greedy, bossy, divas and bitches for using their time the way they want, this can be scary.

But the more that I do wtv the fuck I want, the less resentment I have in my heart.

Folks socialized as women end up burnt out by 1000 paper cuts. Reduce these energy leaks by:

    • Rescheduling a coffee date with a friend because you’re exhausted
    • Sending a text that reads “I’m not able to do that” as opposed to a long explanation with all the reasons why
    • Buy cookies instead of bake them for the bake sale or the potluck

Each one doesn’t seem like a lot but you end up doing 45 of these a day and it effing adds up.

Start living your life for you, on your terms. Canceling one coffee date at a time. And let’s smash the patriarchy together.

You got this,


PS If you need a yelly-cheerleader-type who’s going to cheer you on as you go against patriarchal norms and build a life that you freaking LOVE, I’m your support person.

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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