Hyatt vs Motel 6

When you go to the Hyatt, you’re paying for the gorgeous bedding and for the care and attention of the staff.

Can you imagine the grumpy smelling of cigarettes Motel 6 employee there? Me neither…

You learned about money by the way you were cared for and paid attention to:

For ex. If you had to make your mom feel like a “good mom” when she made you hot chocolate in bed, you learned that if you receive a gift, in return you have to take care of the giver’s emotional needs.

Sometimes that leads to you not wanting to receive gifts or money at all because the emotional cost is too draining. You’d rather have less money than be emotionally obligated to your boss, your partner or your friends.

This was totally me. In my non profit job I was bending over backwards to please my boss and telling her how amazing she is because that’s what I learned growing up.

The difference is: when you’re a little kid you can’t move out or “trade in” your parents but when you’re an adult you have more options.

For ex. If I stopped people pleasing and found out it was truly a toxic work situation, I could get another healthier job.

So what did you learn about money from your childhood? What did you learn about giving, receiving and taking?

Awareness is the MOST important step in overcoming any money block, so by simply asking yourself this question, you’re loosening it’s hold on you.

You got this,


PS For those of you who are parents, your kids don’t need you to be perfect. They need parents who are loving, who make mistakes and who apologize when they eff up BIG. We live in a culture that shames moms in particular, so you’re probably a way better parent than you think. 

PSS If you want to go even deeper into this healing work to increase your income in a way that’s aligned and easeful, I can help. From doing this work I’ve had clients:

      • Land a new job in the innovation department of a university
      • Sign new soulmate clients seemingly out of nowhere 
      • And get a big promotion, a raise and title that reflects all the work she does.

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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