Kill Switch

Every human has a kill switch because we’re mammals. It’s part of the lizard brain that’s helped our species survive!!

If there was a mammalian species that just said kumbaya when someone tried to kill their family, that species would be extinct.

And in present day, it tells us when a boundary has been crossed.

Some people pretend they’re not animals, they’re so spiritually evolved that they don’t hate anyone and never feel murderous rage.

But that’s some bullshit. You have it in you because you’re a mammal and the human brain is 40,000 years old.

Folks socialized as women are DEFINITELY not allowed this anger. Guys have outlets in sports or video games but women mostly are shamed or told they have mental health issues if they express it.

And the problem is if you suppress it, it builds up and comes out sideways:

    • as subtle passive aggressive behavior
    • as a blow up
    • or as chronic anxiety, a constant quiet buzzing of anger pushed far below the surface.

The healthiest thing is to express it physically process it and then to make your decisions afterwards.

To process it:

    • Go for a run
    • Put on angry music and dance
    • Do some push ups
    • Bare your teeth and growl at the mirror
    • Stomp

And then once you’ve processed and you feel better, then make a decision about whatever’s happening.

There might be some higher self ange that says, you need to make this boundary or tell someone how they impacted you.

Or sometimes once you’ve processed it, no further action is needed. 

THIS IS LIFE CHANGING!! Learning to be in partnership with my anger is what’s reduced my anxiety by 70%, allowed me to FINALLY develop healthy friendships and a romantic relationship, and to pursue my career dreams!!

So if you want to learn how to process this physically for both yourself and your clients you can check out:

Author: Bryn Bamber

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