Sacred Capitalism

Yes, sexist racist capitalism exists and causes much suffering.

But when Grace puts a heart into painting the lake surrounded by mountains and you buy it. And it brings a sense of peace every time you walk into your living room, that’s a sacred exchange.

And when you sell something that creates joy or peace or a sense of security to the buyer, that’s sacred capitalism.

An investigative report on Amazon revealed warehouse employees being fired unjustly and being encouraged to quit after 3 years so they could hire new employees at a lower wage.

And at Dropbox, 95% of employees say management is ethical and honest and 94% say they’re able to take time off work when they think it’s necessary.

Sacred capitalism and toxic capitalism both exist. And you get to choose where you put your time, energy and money.

I’m running a Black Friday Sale for the first time EVER starting TOMORROW that feels sacred to me. I’m so excited to share some of my most genius life-changing courses with you, at a reduced rate!

The Advanced Somatics Techniques Workshop – $̶1̶2̶0̶  $80 CDN

This is perfect for you if you love nature, are a little weird and witchy and love the shit out of your clients.

You’ll learn somatic techniques:

      • For high anxiety clients
      • That heal trauma
      • That heal patriarchal conditioning

And you’ll receive the workshop and the Advanced Somatics Manual so you can start using these techniques with your clients immediately.

The Feminist Somatics Course – $̶5̶5̶0̶ $300 CDN

The magical thing about working with your client’s body in a feminist way, is that unplanned positive outcomes emerge. She:

      • Falls in love which she secretly wanted but hadn’t really said out loud
      • Has unexpected relief from crippling anxiety
      • Or seemingly out of nowhere they sign soulmate clients

My 4-year Somatics training was one of the most life changing experiences.

And I want to share this magic with highly skilled coaches, therapists and healers who don’t need another 4-year training but want to add deeper feminist somatic tools to their practice.

If you have any questions, email me at right now! I’d love to get your questions answered :).

Get Black Friday Sale deets here.

So, if you know someone who NEEDS to know about this sale, please pass this onto them.





Author: Bryn Bamber

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