Entrepreneur vs Employee Mindset

If you’re an employee, maybe you needed to go into debt for your education or training but once you start at an organization your income typically goes up incrementally each year unless you get a promotion or change companies.

However, as an entrepreneur, most businesses start using savings of the founder, investments from others or debt.

For example, the guys who built Angry Birds built 51 games that were all not very successful. They almost went broke but they kept going and didn’t quit. Then they created Angry Birds which now has 2 Billion downloads.

Another example is my brilliant friend and colleague Serena Hicks who went bankrupt twice. Then she started her business and went into over $100,000 debt by investing in coaching and training.

She then applied everything she learned and now has a multimillion dollar coaching business.

A lot of times when you’re starting a business well meaning family and friends will try to use an employee mindset to help you.

But businesses are usually not successful unless you’re willing to take financial risk, either with your own money or with someone else’s.

So, if your well meaning friends or family have not started a successful business, their advice is usually not helpful.

You need an entrepreneur mindset that involves bigger risk and the potential for bigger rewards.

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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