Health vs Money Mindset

But looking back I’m lucky that now I have such a good relationship with my body and health!

So I’m applying my amazing health mindset to my money mindset :)…

Eating Like Crap (Spending Like Crap)

If I eat frozen pizzas for a few weeks I think, “No worries, I’ll buy some veggies and fresh juices and get back on track.”

And instead of my usual catastrophizing about how I always make bad money decisions, I can think, “No problem, I can return the ugly expensive coat and get back on track.”


The Body Evolved to Heal (The Mind Evolved to Create Value)

When we got sick my mom always told us “your body knows how to repair a broken bone” “your body knows how to fight off this cold”

The human brain and intuition evolved to survive. Your ancestors had enough money and food to produce healthy offspring. Your DNA comes from a lineage of money makers!

“Your prefrontal cortex and intuition knows how to create value and value creates money”


Fun Exercise! (Fun Income Producing Activities!)

I fucking hate running on a treadmill and ever since I found dance, I’ve refused to do boring exercise.

Since I do FUN, PLAYFUL & SOCIAL exercise, it’s not hard to convince myself to do it often!

So I do FUN, PLAYFUL & SOCIAL Income Producing Activities, so it’s not hard to convince myself to do them.

For ex: doing funny TikToks of me dancing with tampons, running workshops on trauma (which I’m such a nerd about!), writing posts (like this one!) on topics I love…

It could be:

      • Start a podcast on EFT, the healing tool you can’t stop talking about, and also let ppl know how to hire you
      • Attend an inner child workshop bc you wanna learn but also to meet potential supervision clients
      • Go to art exhibit openings to network to get your next art job but also bc you love art!


Healthy Financial Diet

      • healthy value creation
      • healthy debt
      • making invitations often to work with you
          • Long term financial vision
          • Healthy thoughts about money


Learning about Perimenopause (Learning about Women & Money)

So doctors are not trained in menopause or perimenopause in the US even though it impacts 50% of the fucking population… so I’m trying to learn about perimenopause myself.

And if you were socialized as a woman, research shows you were taught to SCRIMP and SAVE but not to generate income. And learning about the history of women and how to generate income myself.

If you have a great mindset in your friendships or your relationship with nature, you can apply it to areas where your mindset is weaker.

Andinstead of having to build an entire new neural network, you’re hopping onto a network that’s already built so it’s much easier on your brain!

You’re probably way better with money than you think :).

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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