Getting it wrong…

And each of these mistakes is an opportunity to offer a reparative experience to my client…

If I have the awareness that I made a mistake and acknowledge the mistake, it actually strengthens our trust.

And if you get triggered by the mistake, you may need some therapy, coaching or supervision on the issue before you address it with the client. And this is going to deepen your relationship with yourself and ultimately with the client.

Most of the time it leaves both of you better.

And have I ever made a mistake so big a client’s left? Yep…

And that sucks and hurts and I wish it didn’t happen like that… But it’s unavoidable in this line of work.

My cousin is one of the best cooks I’ve ever encountered. And I’ve also had some of the worst meals possible from her, like the time that she made vegan turkey out of fresh coconut and it was too sweet and too hard and I learned gravy on coconut isn’t.

She’s willing to take risks in the kitchen and sometimes make incredible discoveries. But other times it totally flops.

I’m willing to take risks in my somatic work with clients and sometimes fall on my face in the process. But learn what works and what doesn’t for my clients so ultimately I can serve the most ppl at the highest level possible.

Which is why I’m not the best fit for folks who’ve never done therapy…. And I work almost exclusively with coaches, therapists and healers in my one on one practice.

My clients want this kind of incredibly deep somatic work.

Making mistakes with your clients is inevitable. And it can be incredibly healing for the client when you address the mistake thoughtfully. Keep going. Follow your impulses. Make mistakes and then get support if you need to…

In the Advanced Somatics Certification, you’ll learn how to navigate mistakes in a way that’s Trauma Informed, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Informed so that you can confidently use these powerful tools with your clients and completely change their lives.

Applications for the next round will open in June, so for now you can get on the waitlist or check out some of the FREE Somatics Workshops below:


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PS If you can’t wait until June to start using powerful somatic techniques with your clients, the Advanced Somatics Techniques Workshop is the STARTER KIT with advanced tools you can start using TODAY!

You’ll learn how to be:

      • Trauma informed
      • Diversity equity inclusion informed
      • And a deep powerful somatic technique that you can use to address whatever your client’s current biggest struggle is

Investment: $120 CDN+tax

Author: Bryn Bamber

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