Somatics for Core Negative Beliefs

Cognitive bias: when you believe a thought, your brain finds evidence for it

Ex. If I believe that I’m never going to succeed at business, and a consult doesn’t go well, then my brain says, “See! You suck at this!”

But if I believe my business is going to succeed, my brain thinks: I’m going to learn so much from this consult and get better and it’s going to lead to more successful consults in the future!

If your clients can change their core negative beliefs, they can enjoy life and achieve their goals more easily.

But if your client tell themselves they suck, they’re probably not going to take the time to learn from the consult or learn from the bad date etc.

Here’s how to use somatics to change core negative beliefs:

1. Complete the Stress Cycle

When your client is in fight-flight-freeze blood flows away from their prefrontal cortex, creative problem solving brain, and blood flows to your arms and legs so you can run or fight the tiger.

To get blood back into your clients brain, help them complete the stress cycle by:

–  Stretching
–  Taking some deeper breaths
Putting on a song and dancing
Hugging a pet
Looking at cute cat videos together (there’s peer reviewed research on this!)
Running on the spot
Or ask your client what helps them feel better when they’re stressed. Most clients already have been exposed to helpful stress relief techniques. It could be breathing, their fav yoga pose, EFT tapping etc. But they need support creating the habit of using them!

2. Tune into intuition

Once your client (or you!) feels a little better, ask them what their intuition has to tell them about the challenge they’re facing.

Now that more blood is flowing to their prefrontal cortex, you’ll be amazed at what thoughts and solutions they have access to!!

3. Anchor the more positive thoughts


–  putting the thought on a post it on their bathroom mirror or laptop
–  or creating an image that reminds them of that thought
–  Putting the thought as a reminder in their phone
Making abbreviation of their thought their computer password

Strengthen their positive thoughts to create a sense of peace and more ease when working towards their goal.

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