Inner Child Work

Inner child work is what got me into a loving relationship after a decade of failed dating. And it’s what’s gotten my clients outrageous promotions and to be loving with themselves as parents.

It might seem silly but I swear to god it works.


Here’s how:

1.  Notice Oversized Reactions

My inner child panics. A client is sick and cancels a session and my inner child jumps to: she’s probably lying and actually wants to quit and then all my other clients will quit and then I’ll become homeless.

If you’re panicked because you have voicemail from your boss or your friend doesn’t text back for 3 hours and you’re sure she hates you, it’s probably your inner child.

2.  What Emotion is It?

When you have the oversized reaction: Do you feel happy, sad, mad or scared? Your inner child will usually have a go-to emotion.

3.  Send Love to Your Inner Child

Don’t shame the oversized reaction.

Put your hand on your heart and say, “You get to be scared or mad or sad for as long you need to be.” Send loving energy through your hand.

This might sound woo woo, but try it! It actually fucking works!

4.  Set Loving Boundaries

Get your adult self or Higher Self to say to the inner child: “I get that you’re worried about the client canceling a session, but you don’t get to make my business decisions. Don’t worry, I, adult Bryn, promise to take care of our finances and keep you safe.”

5.  Complete the Stress Cycle

If you’re still having that emotional reaction, complete the stress cycle by moving your body in any way that feels good to you:

–  Go for a walk
–  Put on a song and dance
Take some deep breaths
Do your fav yoga pose

6.  Tune into Your Intuition

Once you feel more centered, tune into your intuition around the issue your inner child was having a big emotional reaction to. Ask your intuition what’s the next baby step you can take to resolve the issue.


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Author: Bryn Bamber

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