Feminist Money

Money is a wildly feminist issue.

For 100s of years women were financially dependent on men because we weren’t allowed to have our own bank accounts, loans, property etc.

In the US women were only allowed to have their own credit starting in the 70s.

And even though some laws have changed there’s still a cultural narrative that women are:

      • bad with money
      • financially incompetent
      • greedy and selfish if they want to be rich

Carrie, in Sex in the City, is a shopaholic and this trend of portraying women wasting money continues all over the media even though studies show that men and women suffer from compulsive buying disorder at the same rates.  And gambling addiction is greater in men.

The only rich powerful women I saw as a kid were Cruella Deville and the evil stepsisters in Cinderella.

And it gave me the sense that if I wanted a lot of money, it was because I was evil too.

Folks socialized as women rejecting money or not asking for the raise, keeps the patriarchy intact.

Right now, 8 men hold as much wealth as over 3 billion ppl on earth.

And the more loving ethical stewards of wealth there are, the more we can use money as a tool to dissolve patriarchy, white supremacy, ableism and more.

Some parts will be solved easily with money and cash allows you to hire researchers and support political candidates that can work on the more complicated aspects of these issues.

I wanna steward large amounts of money both to take care of myself and to be a force for dissolving these fucked up systems.

To show folks how to ethically steward large amounts of money. And I think you should get rich too ;).



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Author: Bryn Bamber

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