I’m super bitter sometimes… about the injustices of the world and also about the pettiest shit like the waitress serving the other table even though we sat down FIRST ;).

I used to be constantly resentful but pretended I was at peace.

My anger was so repressed that sometimes my friends would say, “hmmm you seem angry” and I’d say “what are you talking about? I’m fine…”

Now I LOVE bitterness and resentment… not because they feel good or because I want to live my whole life from this bitter place…

But because they reveal something deep and juicy about me. They reveal:

1) A young bitter part coming up that needs love and support…

2) Or wisdom hidden within… sometimes we’re resentful or bitter because a boundary needs to be set or there’s some other message hidden.

I don’t want to live in a world that’s plastic and everyone’s pretending to be peaceful and not angry…

Welcome the anger, the joy, the jealousy, the deep pain and sadness.

Fuck this toxic positivity, productivity obsessed culture.

Let’s be dark and snarky and love the shit out of ourselves!

You’re the best not despite your darkness, but BECAUSE OF IT.





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PSS The Somatics to Heal Patriarchy Workshop Series is all about navigating your own pain and then coming out with scars and grit to help your clients through their dark nights of the soul.

Your own feminist healing so you know in your CELLS how to help clients!!

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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