Simple Life

There are influencers who have the partner, the kids, the white picket fence and cry on the bathroom floor late at night. There are the Kate Spades who have success and money and commit suicide.

I used to think my life would be better when I got “there”. When I was dating someone or when I made a certain amount of money.

But then every time I hit a certain benchmark the “there” moved further ahead.

I’ll never get “there”. I’ll never get to a place where I don’t feel shame or terror or annoyance.

And the things that make me happy will always be sourdough toast with peanut butter and a good book. Or a crude text from a friend that gets me. Or wandering around the fruit stand, finding local corn and boiling it on the kitchen stove.

The big things are fun too. The excitement as the plane takes off to our vacation in Cancun.

But the simple daily pleasures are what make my life.

I’m still ambitious af. I have huge money goals and vision for my company.

And I’m not in a rush. I’m not willing to compromise my slow mornings with sourdough toast to get there.

My life is good now.

And there’s probably parts of your life you don’t wanna compromise either.

What simple pleasure can you indulge in today? This moment, right now, is your whole life.



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Author: Bryn Bamber

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