Meaning of Life…

I’m going through some hard family stuff I’m not ready to share yet.

It’s reminding me how short life is.

We’re all going to die and we don’t know when. ~ Buddhist proverb

I read about this terminal cancer patient who just wanted to be a cashier at Trader Joe’s because she could be friendly and connect with ppl and brighten their day. And so she did.

If I only had an hour to live, I’d want to give ppl flowers and chocolates. I’d want to play music in the sunshine. I’d want to hug the close ppl who were around me. Then I’d want to sit by the lake and meditate alone.

Sometimes I think the meaning of my life is to have 40,000 Instagram followers and to give $100,000 to charity.

But that’s not true. I’ve already been a really good friend when a bestie was struggling.

I’ve already touched hearts with my workshops and private sessions. And that’s enough.

I want more. I don’t wanna die tomorrow. I wanna play more music and give more hugs and dance more.

But the meaning of life is about quality not quantity.

So joke around with your cashier today. Or sit in the sunshine alone. Or hug your doggy.

This moment right now is your whole life. Everything else is a thought about the future or a thought about the past. ~ Eckhart Tolle

Love you. Mean it because I’m more connected to the fragility of life today…



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