10 lbs overweight…

I grew up in the 90s when it was cool to be a size 0 and anything else was “unhealthy and undisciplined.”

When I went through puberty and was no longer skin and bones I felt fat and “out of control.”

I’m so angry that when Kelly Clarkson was on American Idol and was probably 120 lbs there were tons of articles about her “weight problem”.

I’m angry about the impacts on her, a teenager at the time, but also about what it did to me and a whole generation of young women.

I’m embarrassed to admit this but I was jealous of Glennon Doyle’s flat stomach until I found out she was suffering from anorexia.

And it took me until my 30s to realized that losing weight is sometimes VERY UNHEALTHY.

It’s better to be 10 lbs overweight than 10 lbs underweight. Being 10 lbs underweight can lead to serious health issues.

Anorexia is the second deadliest mental health diagnosis. Ppl (mostly women) die from losing weight and restricting calories.

And weight cycling, where you lose 20 lbs then gain 20 lbs then lose 20 lbs then gain it again, also comes with some serious health issues.

It’s healthier to be consistently 20 lbs “overweight” than weight cycling.

Yes, sometimes losing weight is healthy and if you have a health goal that feels good to you, I fully support it.

But if you’re gaslighting yourself and saying that you SHOULD CARE. That’s bullshit.

Blow up the patriarchy by accepting your body as it is.

Your body was meant to help you digest yummy food, go for walks, and to hug your best friend.

Not to meet some nearly impossible standard.

Love you,


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PSS If you know that you have a health goal and want to meet it in a feminist trauma-informed way, I can help.

Like a client who I first helped see was already much healthier than she thought and then helped her to lose weight in a healthy nonshaming way.

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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  1. Thanks for your honesty. Body image does a number on us, especially with how interwoven it is with self worth. One small step at a time to unlearn it 🙂

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