How to Make Healing Trauma Fun

How to make healing trauma more fun:

I’m not going to gaslight you and say healing trauma is ALWAYS fun. Sometimes it is painful.

But fun and pleasure can actually make the healing process easier and sometimes can make the healing process go faster.

Here’s how:

1) Master🔥bait

This isn’t always the best fit if you’ve experienced sexual trauma but for many ppl master baiting can help you complete the stress cycle and feel calmer.

One of the challenges of PTSD is that you get stressed or frustrated more often than is needed. And then your body thinks there’s a lion it has to run away from or fight so the blood flows to your arms and legs and AWAY from your prefrontal cortext, the wisest part of your brain.

Lock your bedroom door or take a shower and master bate or have some healthy sx to send blood back to your creative planning brain and then you’ll be better at making decisions.

2) Dark Humour

I love a crude joke with a good friend who gets it. I’ve sent some texts that will never want to see the light of my public social media but that release some pleasure during difficult times.

So text a friend who’ll get it or crack some jokes over a glass of red wine.

3) Your Fav Song

Music can help you process emotions and regulate your nervous system. Billie Eilish can help your process sadness. Or put on Dua Lipa and dance around.

Whatever song you’re obsessed with right now indicates what kind of emotional processing you need, so play it as many times as it feels GOOD to your body.

This will help complete the stress cycle and you’ll have more access to the genius part of your brain.

Which one of these are you willing to try next week to make your healing process more smooth? Email me or send me a DM and I’ll cheer you on.



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Author: Bryn Bamber

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