Body of Work


to create a body of work
you need
a body

and not just any-body
or some-body
but your very own body

to create a body of work
you need to breath into your lungs
and feel into your toes
and listen to your heart
your mind
your gut

you have to want it so badly that it hurts
and trick yourself to keep going when you forget

you have to run fast towards the finish line
sprint even
in your first draft

get it down!

polishing can come in leisurely afternoons
getting it down must be squeezed into crevices
as you wait for the bus
the 5 minutes before the dental hygienist calls your name
before you go to bed
for 10 minutes before you call your partner
squeeze it in!

and how do you keep going at this breakneck speed
when your project is much larger than a postage stamp
and you do and don’t know where it’s going to end up?

trick yourself
any way you can
and keep going
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