I have a secret…

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Hope you’re doing well. It’s fall weather up here in Toronto and I‘m totally loving it! Warm sweaters and squash – here I come!

have been decluttering EVERYTHING which I am totally loving. I‘ve been posting some before and after photos on Instagram so check those out! You can follow me @bryn_bamber :).

I wanted to share a something I‘ve been procrastinating sharing with you even though it was published in August because I‘m nervous. It’s a story where I share a secret that some of you know but some of you will be surprised.

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changing schedules/plans/practices

can you dance with change?
can you follow the thread back
to where it begins?
to the far off cave where all secrets are held.

can you dance with change?
even on days when you are angry
that your plans are disrupted once again.
can you dance with anger?

can you dance with change?
rolling and tumbling and cartwheeling
until you lie exhausted
sprawled out on the floor.

can you dance with change?
gracefully accommodating
until you stop
and walk the other way.


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