I make my home in the mountains


And as autumn falls into winter
I have to use my flashlight to get to dinner

Every evening I walk past the great cedars
Over the bridge
Through the sound of the rushing creek
In the dark.

And last year at this time
As the nights got longer
And the days darker
I felt a lump in my throat begin to form

And I thought about vitamin D pills
And S.A.D. lamps
And Mexico

Something.  Anything.

Make it better.

But this year is different.

This year I am able to see the beauty of the stars that watch over my evening meal
And feel the joy of crawling into bed at 6:30 pm to read my book.

All I want to do is retreat.


I am no longer trying to combat the flow of seasons
I am tuning into nature
And riding her waves.

And as I crawl into the cave of my heart to rest for the winter
I am grateful for this blanket of snow and this blanket of darkness that has come
To protect me.

Until it’s time to emerge and blossom.

Summoned by the Light.

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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4 thoughts on “December”

  1. Hello Bryn!

    I’m so happy to take time to read your wonderful blog this morning.

    It’s Christmas vacations for me here and your writtings bring me right in BC where a part of my heart will always be.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Have an extraordinary celebrations time,

    Catherine Aubichon 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful poem, Bryn. Funny how I didn’t “see” it the first time I visited your blog, perhaps because I was on a mission, busy finding references to “vulnerability”. This morning, I find myself more open and feel a strong connection to this poem and your process. Thank you.

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