Studying Rest

Kootenay Lake, British Columbia

At the end of my last blog post on being quarantined on Christmas day I wrote,

In 2016, I am going to prioritize rest.

And now, on January 7th less than 10 days into the year, I’m realizing I don’t know what exactly that would mean.  There are some things I can do that are straight-forward, make sure I get enough sleep, not fill my calendar completely full.  But other parts of rest feel more elusive.

How can I live a more restful life?  How can I bring rest into the work I have to do? What activities give me energy so I’m not drained at the end of the day? What is the difference between being tired and being drained?

I stand by my focus on prioritizing rest in my life in 2016.  But I’m realizing if I’m going to successfully prioritize it, I’m going to have to study it first.

Author: Bryn Bamber

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2 thoughts on “Studying Rest”

  1. Great questions Bryn! Looks like awareness will be one of the first steps in the process of making it all concrete. Thanks for sharing and helping with my own learning. Om Om Megan


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