The Most Advanced Somatic Tool

If you’re calm, your client feels more calm too. And if you’re nervous, it could be because the client is nervous and they’re pulling your energy up.

Here’s how to most effectively use this:

    1. Before Session

      If you feel nervous or agitated do something soothing:

      – walk around the block
      – do a breathing exercise
      – or put on your fav song and dance
      If you don’t have time, lead the client(s) through it too for the first 5 minutes of the session to soothe everyone’s nervous system.
      Note: You don’t have to be perfectly calm going into session. NONE OF US ARE, we all have emotions some days!!
    2. During Session
      If you’re getting increasingly stressed during the session AND if the client is speaking fast and breathing shallow, it’s probably you co-regulating.Pause and do a short grounding exercise.
    3. After Session
      If you did get stressed, reflect on whether it’s coregulation or if it was your own insecurities because the client or story triggered you.If it was your trigger, explore it with your own coach or with a trusted peer.

And if you’re still here, you’re amazing. I can tell you care deeply about your clients! Go you :).

You’re amazing :),

PS If you want support implementing this somatic technique and others, I can help.

I’ve had clients help THEIR clients to:

      • Put their needs first after decades of self sacrificing
      • And this one made me tear up: feel moments of relaxation for the first time ever in her life

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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