Anxiety Identity

When I started to heal, I began to realize how freaking anxious I am…

Being anxious and being a trauma survivor became an important part of my identity.

Which was good for me because before that I’d just thought “I’m such a whiny baby and I should be able to do everything myself.”

Then, years later, I realized that making trauma and anxiety a main part of my identity was holding me back from being more relaxed and joyful.

So I shifted to identifying as a deeply creative and spiritual person, who used to be highly anxious and who experienced trauma.

If you identify as an “anxious person” you might want to try identifying as “a deeply creative [insert your own adjective] person who at times struggles with anxiety.”

Because if you constantly tell yourself you’re anxious, it can make it harder to get out of it.

When you do somatic work with clients, you have to help them change their identity alongside the healing of the body.

And the easiest way to do that is after you’ve done a somatic intervention and the client feels more regulated, ask them to tune into their intuition.

When the client is more regulated, more blood flows to the prefrontal cortex, the creative planning part of the brain, so they’ll often have brilliant new ideas.

Then have them anchor that idea by creating a reminder on their phone or a writing it on a post it note stuck on their bathroom mirror.

Supporting the healing through their body and shifting identity is what helps my clients create incredible results like:

      • falling in love with a healthy partner after a decade of failed relationships
      • signing soulmate clients out of nowhere
      • and developing a new healthier relationship with their chronic pain

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Author: Bryn Bamber

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