The Patriarchy Makes You Suck at Selling (and how to fix it!)

How many times has a friend said, I just wanna help ppl, I don’t wanna do the selling part? Or I just want to make my art, I don’t wanna sell it?

I used to believe that too…

Folks socialized as women are taught:

      • Your good at care-taking (aka being a coach or healer)
      • You’re good at creativity (aka being an artist, baker, candlestick maker)
      • But you fucking suck at negotiations, sales and earning money

Now of course the patriarchy doesn’t come right out and say those things directly but let’s take what you learned from Disney movies:

      • The Little Mermaid was an amazing singer, but gave up her voice to find a man
      • Belle was a good caretaker of the beast, he kidnapped her but was a source of financial stability 
      • Cruella Deville was good at sales and entrepreneurship only because she was fucking evil

So most folks socialized as women think sales is sleazy, slimey, uncomfortable. Or you think you gotta be brusk and brash like Gary Vee or Marc Cuban, to be good at sales.

You can lie during the sales process and be sleazy. You can be brash and brusk.

Or you can build relationships and then help a potential client make the best possible decision for themselves about the service or art that you offer.

Remember Oprah is one of the best sales people. She showed up vulnerably telling the truth day after day after day and built an incredible trust with her audience so that when she recommended something they believed her.

The patriarchy told you, you either had be evil or deceptive or bro-ey to be good at sales.


You can be creative and introverted like me! Literally lying in bed under the covers writing about the patriarchy!

Or you can make tiny artsy films that you share (aka TikToks).


You have a unique sales style: experiment and find it!! And it can even be fucking fun! 

Message me if you’re struggling to find your sales style and I’ll help!

I love smashing the patriarchy by helping folks socialized as women get rich af ;)!!





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Author: Bryn Bamber

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