Negative Thoughts

My brain yells: you’re never going to get out of debt, you’ve signed few clients but you don’t know how to sign more and you’re not fully booked and you’ll never be as good as your friend who made $200K so you better hire the exact right business coach to save yourself from failure.

And yes I’ve worked on each of these thoughts before but the problem is it takes a lot of calories to create a new neural pathway.

And since it was not long ago that we didn’t have access to enough food, my brain and yours defaults to keeping your old negative neural pathways instead of building new ones.

This isn’t your fault, this is evolution.

The brain would rather save the calories to keep you from starving and keep the old thought of “I’m a bad mom”

But neural pathways are changable until the day you die. 

So I ask my clients:

      • In what ways are you already an amazing entrepreneur?
      • In what ways are you already a good mom?
      • What are some recent examples where you trusted yourself?

Usually they’re quiet and then they squint their eyes thinking and I can almost hear their brains creaking as they come up with an answer.

Once they start coming, they usually think of more and more. But it takes effort…

If you wanna get $1000s of dollars worth of value from this article, actually do this. Answering these questions have helped me make $6K in a single day easily.

Whatever your goal is, ask yourself how you have already achieved it:

In what ways am I already rich?

In what ways am I already beautiful?

In what ways am I already AMAZING with your clients?

It’s way more fun to work towards a goal from the place of I’m already rich and wouldn’t it be fun to get richer?

These questions clear out the needy graspy energy out of you and so when you show up to sign the new client or on the first date your energy can actually be fun and attractive!

Ask your clients these too!!

Keep being ambitious af ;).





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