You’re allowed to take breaks from activism

In my early twenties, I pushed my activism so hard that I burnt out and moved to an ashram for 2 years.

I wanna give you permission to take breaks BEFORE you burn out.

What’s happening today in Palestine is devastating and heartbreaking and enraging.

And I wanna thank everyone who has been helping: the journalists on the ground who are risking their lives to get the truth out. The medical staff who are risking their lives, are under tremendous pressure and who don’t have the proper resources but are doing their best. And those around the world who are amplifying these messages and trying to get what’s happening out to more people.

I also wanna thank the Qatar mediators who have successfully negotiated the release of several hostages and who are continuing to negotiate. All of the aid and human rights organizations. And too many more ppl to name.

This is such important work, is saving lives and will hopefully save more.

And it’s been over a month since Oct 7th, so I wanna give you permission to take breaks.

Maybe your break is:

    • Going to a funny movie matinee and laughing your ass off

    • Getting drinks with an activist friend and making crude jokes

    • Deleting Instagram off your phone for 24 or 48 hours

And if your activism has triggered old trauma, you might need a longer break so you can take time and space to heal. You might need months or even years, like I did.

The fight against unjust war, sexism, racism, ableism is going to continue for decades to come. And we need your support for the next 20, 30, 40 years…

What’s going to help in the long run?

Sometimes fighting for a cause feels like a calling from the divine. You feel spiritually galvanized to stand and fight. And if you are in that place, I fully support you and thank you so much for your work.

Sometimes your activism looks different, like maybe you’re raising kids that understand sexism, racism and ableism and so you’re not doing other forms of activism as much or at all.

And sometimes you need to fully step back, rest, regroup, gathering your resources because you’re going to be ready to take a shift when the folks who are working their asses off rn need a break. Or because you have some personal shit going on.

You’re allowed to take breaks.

Feel free to reach out to me by email or DM if you want some emotional support in making a decision around this or because you’re feeling weighed down by what’s happening.

I want to listen and support you (for free… this isn’t a paid offer, just trying to help a tiny bit during this heavy time.)

With love and solidarity,

PS If you feel like you’re moving towards burn out and want support in learning when to take breaks and rest, and when to take a stand, I can help.

I worked with a client who was feeling guilty every time she took a break and after I worked with her, she was able to rest more which led to her feeling more happy and present with her kids, in her marriage and in her form of activism.

If you want this kind of support you can, book a free consult here 🙂 !!

Or check out the scholarship application:

(These are both paid offers!)

PSS Lastly, if you want support around burnout but can’t or don’t want to invest money at this time, check out this free workshop on Somatics for Healthy Boundaries here 🙂 !!


Author: Bryn Bamber

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