6 Ways to Fill Your Creative Well

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You’ve been there. Maybe you’re even there right now:

– You’re tired and depleted
– You have a heavy heart
– And you’re out of ideas

Your creativity which once was bubbling over seems to have gone dry and you miss it. You feel like you should be doing more. You’re judging yourself for not being as creative as you were in the past.

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baby geese on the beach
who doesn’t love their cuteness?

and can I be cute in my poetry?
will anyone care if i’m not clever?

if I claim to love
will you laugh at my story?

if I cackle and wit
will you think I’m brilliant?

and what if they don’t love my poetry?
and what if they don’t love me?

what if its cute?
and plain jane?
and there’s no edge?
will my world wither into nothingness?

and will you love me as i am


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