Last night I landed on my head…


Last night I landed on my head at a dance class. I can’t quite remember what happened, but my hands weren’t free and I landed with a clunk, on my head.

Drama – the part of me that freaks out. What did I do wrong?? What can I do to make sure this never ever ever ever ever ever happens again? Was I being too bold? Too adventurous? Was I gunning for the spotlight? Too full of myself?

Facts – my neck is slightly sore. My mom, who is in from out of town, and is both a physiotherapist and a body worker, treated me this afternoon. After that I felt better.

Facts – nothing is broken. My body will heal. I have a small pain in my neck.

Drama – “How could you get injured?!” “How could you be so mortal?!” “How could you make such a fucking stupid mistake?!”

Facts – Get over yourself and get over the minor inconvenience of a small pain in the neck.

Landing on my head could have been serious, but luckily, this time, it wasn’t.

And I can see how the DRAMA runs into my life.

Often, if I’ve emailed or texted a friend and haven’t heard a response my immediate reaction is, “She hates me.” Along with a fictitious but believable enough storyline about why.

And finally – I am learning to say – enough with it. Get over your grand and polarizing speeches with the statements of never again shall I get hurt in that stupid way by enacting these thirteen pieces of personal preventative legislation. Enough with your dramatic interpretation of simple situations and the need for epic confrontations with family and friends to “get to the bottom of it.” Enough with it.

Life is simple and life is short. I have the choice of whether to be kind, or not, in each moment. And this kindness can extend to myself, to understanding that I do also make mistakes and that is okay,

Or not.

This is my choice.

Author: Bryn Bamber

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One thought on “Last night I landed on my head…”

  1. Bryn! I hope you’re ok. This sounds a little on the scary side. As Swami Saradananda passed on to me (which Swami Radha told him after he has a Lumbar Puncture/ Spinal Tap), we need to be careful with our spines – they are precious.

    Hope your headbone is okay and still connected good to your neckbone. Love and Light, Megan

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