grapes and cheese

and wine

he speaks with perfect diction
explaining the state of the climate

there are no solutions, he says
turning away
there’s no going back

a heaviness falls over the room
and so we eatĀ more grapes, cheese and wine

great talk! says rich
striding over
eyes bright
his data is impeccable!

what’s the use of speaking
if there is no hope?
what’s the use of data
that spells doom?

I want data that feeds my soul
excites my mind
into drawing new connections

I want data that stirs me up
drives me forward
acting for a better future

I want data that changes the game
turns things upside down
in ways I’d never imagined possible

so I turn away from the wine, cheese, and grapes
away from the doomful data
and step out
into the night.

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