Love to the real mountain


Where is it?
Where am I?
And when
can I take
a nap??

When I dream
I find the real mountain
in a cave.

I climb
ascending to new heights
I climb
finding freedom
I climb
and there is love
on the real mountain.

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And I can still love him…

Even as I step away from the possibility of romance
Turning away from the manipulations

Step out

Drawing my strength forward
Step out

And I can still feel desperate
Still need
Still cling

And I can cling to hope
for a simpler life
And consider falling in love with the man with the British accent on the subway
And cling to hope
to someday date a grown up who is inspired by the beauty of simple living

And choose not to date the tennis photographer
who reminds me of Pierre

And I can still cling
to hope.