I’m writing a book!


Ahhh! It’s so terrifying to post this on the internet.  But it is the truth.

I am writing a book!

This all came about because, as many of you know, for two years I wrote a 108 poems in the fall to raise money for the Young Adult Program at Yasodhara Ashram, which means I have over 200 poems written on all different kinds of topics.

So the original idea was, take the best of the best, jam pack ’em all together and voila! A new book!

But then I realized it would probably end up like every other random poetry anthology, unread and unloved.

And so I had to ask what do I really want? And what do I really want to write about? What is important to me?

And I realized that a ton of my writing and my poetry is about finding courage.

And so I am writing a book on courage.

At first I thought it would be a would be about poems for courage but then realized what I really wanted to write is my story about finding courage.

It’s going to start with when my life fell apart and I quit my job and how in the process of putting my life back together I found myself.

It’s terrifying to say out loud, but it’s true.

I am writing a book on courage.

Want to be the first to hear about it?

Help me figure out a good title and get all the behind the scenes goodies.
You in?

Yes, I want behind the scenes goodies!!

I can’t wait to tell you more about it ;).

Have a great week,


P.S. Don’t forget to sign up here – https://tinyurl.com/brynsmemoir

Author: Bryn Bamber

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  1. Wonderful! I love the clarity and boldness of your intention… and look forward to the book. Light, Light Terry

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