To make working with me more accessible to folks impacted by patriarchy, white supremacy, xenophobia, ableism, homophobia, classism etc I’ve created a scholarship.

It’s 50% off the full price of $6000 CDN (~$4650 USD) for 20 sessions over 6 months. With the scholarship the price becomes $3000 CDN ($2350 USD) for 20 sessions over 6 months.

Through this one on one work my clients have:

– Fallen in love with their dream nerdy and sweet guy
– Developed a healthier less anxiety-producing relationship with their kids
– And a more playful and profitable relationship with their heart-centered business

There are currently 2 scholarship slots available. The most aligned candidates will be selected. 

Apply now!


The scholarship can be used for the personal transformation work I do with clients on dating, money mindset, family shit etc.

Learn more about this 6 month personal development program email me at

Or it can be applied to the Advanced Somatics Certification which is for coaches, healers and therapists who want to add advanced somatic techniques to their practice.

Learn more about it –




PS If you know someone who this scholarship would be a good fit for, I’d be absolutely honoured if you’d share this with them (

PSS If you have any questions about the scholarship email me at :).

PSSS If you want more details of how and why I created this scholarship, you read the whole story here:


I felt like I was going to puke when I thought about closing my sliding scale. I loved this shit out of my clients (and still do!) and I knew some wouldn’t continue if I changed my pricing structure.

I felt pulled to do it, but was terrified. And it took me about a year of coaching and therapy and journaling before I was willing to change. I gave every client 6 months notice so that they had time to make the decision and we had time for closure, if necessary.

And I visioned new ways to run an ethical business.

I realized the patriarchy told me I had to help EVERYONE. So I acknowledged that I won’t be able to help EVERYONE and I’m not meant to.

I only have 15 one on one spots, so I won’t be working with the whole world and that’s okay.

And I’d often make mistakes with the sliding scale because every client was paying a different rate. After I closed it and transitioned with some dear clients, I got clarity about the scholarship.

3 spots. 50% off. Open every 6 months. And I don’t make mistakes because it’s all streamlined.

And I acknowledge even with a 50% reduction, some people will not be able to access these spots.

I can’t help everyone and I’m not meant to.

But I love that I get to give a lot of writing, webinars and podcasts away for FREE. And put some of my profits towards organizations and causes that matter to me and reach folks who’ll never read my stuff or work with me.

If you have a sliding scale and you feel good about it, that’s amazing! And the way I’m contributing is amazing too!!

There’s not one way to run an ethical business, and you get to choose!

So if you’re an ideal candidate for my scholarship, I’d love to have check it out the easy to use application here.


Or if you know someone who’s an ideal candidate, I’d be absolutely honoured if you’d share this with them:


To love and ethics,


Email me with your questions:

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